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Why choose us?

My name is Pál Kutvölgyi.

I’m 51 years old. As the founder and co-owner of a company group making billions of forints in revenues and as the sole representative of several global luxury brands, I know how to sell and I love doing it. It’s my passion! Over the past 26 years I have made the journey from employee to business owner and have progressed through the SME sector to become a successful businessman. I have worked in all areas of the sales process, progressing from the positions of insurance agent, sales manager, customer service manager and sales director to Chief Marketing Officer at a large enterprise. As the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of a self-owned finance holding company with diverse operations, I worked efficiently with members of the C-suite, managing the initial public offering (IPO) of a company group, while learning how to find investors with the help of Big 4 M&A advisors and developing my knowledge of optimal exit strategies. I have spent more than 25 years working as a customer with numerous advertising and PR agencies, “freelance” communications and visualization experts and advisors. This has helped me to understand the fundamental game rules of cost-efficient marketing. It also became evident that essentially the nature of the project will help decide where I can get the best value for money.

Cloud42 was founded by synthesizing all my decades of experience. I personally selected every key member of my “Dream Team” based on my experience as a customer. As the old saying goes, “the son of the shoemaker has no shoes”. I wanted to avoid that trap, so, as the first independent element of our future portfolio, we quickly built up the Group42 umbrella brand with an interconnected and freely extendable system of sub-sites. As a kind of reference and case study, this complex concept strongly supported by social media is designed to promote my personal brand and the sale of the brands I am currently and will be offering. Because making sales is valuable, not just from a financial point of view.

„Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.”
Michael Jordan


We earn a living by doing what we are good at and what we enjoy. We are experienced in online and offline image building, strategic communications, corporate and personal branding, as well as in all areas of still and motion photography and visualization. With over 120 years of combined market experience, unique competences, verifiable references and cross-industry expertise, we offer our clients a first-class service using state of the art technology. We work safe in the knowledge that whatever the strengths of an individual, we can accomplish more as a team.

Pál Kutvölgyi

Dániel Regős
creative account
Ottó Gecser
coaching, mentoring
José Simon
art director

Simon Says


Dániel Petrásovits
coding, ux, ui
Péter Oláh
copywriting, pr

Petra Hoffmann
copywriting, social admin

Bálint Kertész

Armand Hajdú

Dr. Miklós Schiffer

Schiffer Style

Zoltán Sárosi

Zsolt Gombos
online marketing expert

„When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.”
Henry J. Kaiser

Do you recognize yourself?

„I am a company manager and I want my company to have the same quality branding as our products and services.”
„I want to have a brand image designed for my company, but I do not want to work with a classic advertising agency.”
„I am thinking about a complex marketing strategy, but I don’t want to “hunt down” reliable third party service providers myself.”
„I am a marketing manager at a large company, and I am looking for a reliable and highly responsive team to work on special projects.”
„I am preparing to introduce a new product/launch a new service/open a new shop. I need high-quality online, offline, still and motion photography materials.”
„We are organizing a business breakfast/roadshow/conference, and we are looking for a team of professional filmmakers with cutting-edge technology equipment.”
„We are building our media connections and we need strong media coverage and proactive communication.”
„Don’t waste time learning the “tricks of the trade”. Instead, learn the trade.”
James Charlton



Corporate website design and encoding (in multiple languages)
Offline branding (branding manual design)
Portfolio photography in studio and on location
Basic social media account setup, administration and daily content population (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
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Services offered in the BRONZE module +
Corporate website search engine optimization
Integration of industry blogs to corporate website (content production)
Video production (e.g. image video, video clip)
Dressing tips and style consultancy for groups (corporate dress code)
Production of unified corporate presentation templates
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Services offered in the BRONZE and SILVER modules +
Corporate training (with credible coaches specializing in the theme)
Personal coaching and/or mentoring for mid- and senior managers
Infographics (a dynamic presentation of numbers, data and facts)
Extended social media packages with account setup and administration (Vimeo or YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr)
Custom-tailored social media, Google AdWords, webanalytics, link- and email marketing training
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Contact us

+36 30 920 920 1
Bálna Budapest / Hygge
1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12.

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